cornerstone-LOGO-icon-mobile Commercial Painting Denver Projects

Cornerstone Coatings is a proud Denver based commercial and industrial painting and fireproofing contractor that has successfully completed projects in every corner of the state and on almost every type of structure imaginable. Being a commercial painting company has allowed us the privilege of actively participating in our city’s growth while performing painting and coating work on some of Colorado’s largest and most exciting new projects.

Cornerstone started its business in 1992 in the Denver area and has had the privilege of completing hundreds of commercial projects in the Denver and surrounding areas including hospitals, university campuses, offices, recreation centers, religious facilities, parking garages, retail stores and outlets, movie theaters, entertainment districts, high rises and a wide variety of other structures.  No matter how big or small our projects are, each project is approached with the same diligence, professionalism, and emphasis on safety to ensure our projects are completed to the highest standards and in a timely manner.

cornerstone-LOGO-icon-mobile Industrial Coatings & Sandblasting

Cornerstone Coatings performs various types of Industrial painting, coatings and Sandblasting projects in Colorado and our surrounding states.  Our projects include sandblasting, industrial coatings, abrasive blasting, epoxy coatings, water and wastewater treatment plant coatings, steel and concrete storage tank coatings, bridge & highway coatings, mass transit coatings, military bases, technology, hydro and flood control dam piping, and applications for about any type of structure you can imagine.  Our vast experience and large capacity allows us to perform some of Denver’s most challenging industrial coatings projects with ease.  Our team works with your project managers to ensure quality, safety, efficiency and adherence to schedules.  

Cornerstone performed the painting and coatings for all the steel pedestrian bridges located over the Denver, CO I-25 corridors for the multi-billion dollar TREX development. The project’s safety regulations were extremely stringent and completed under safety rules which involved adherence to strict highway and transportation guidelines.  Safety training is a staple in the way we operate at Cornerstone, and we pride ourselves in our extensive employee training programs.  

cornerstone-LOGO-icon-mobile Intumescent Fireproofing

Our Fireproofing division combines decades of experience to bring you the most efficient and cost effective means of meeting fireproofing requirements.  Our knowledgeable staff will work with your team to ensure that all fireproofing requirements are met with the latest UL Listings and code requirements.  We provide installation services for all intumescent fireproofing, regardless of size of project, our team approaches each project with utmost diligence. We will work with your team to ensure that all projects are completed in an efficient and timely manner, making the most of project schedules.  Our team will determine the proper products and application thicknesses and help identify any value engineering options, and will guide your team to the most cost effective and efficient applications.  

Cornerstone Coatings recently performed Fireproofing to the CSU stadium, Castle rock health Campus, and the Aurora Medical Center just to name a few.

Our knowledgeable staff is HILTI certified as well as belonging to the National Fireproofing contractors association.

cornerstone-LOGO-icon-mobile High Performance Coatings Denver

Cornerstone Coatings has completed a variety of high performance and industrial coatings projects throughout the Denver area and Rocky Mountain Front Range for an array of industries.  We offer a wide range of shop and field applied coatings and services for a variety of industry needs.  One of our more exciting projects was the Colorado Rapids Soccer Stadium, where we applied various types of high performance industrial coatings onto the steel substrates including epoxies, urethanes and metallic finishes. We are conveniently located in Commerce City where Cornerstone offers shop applied protective coatings at our 6-acre facility. We have the largest heated indoor spray booth in Colorado which allows us to coat steel in even the coldest temperatures. Our shop applied, coatings services include up to 30 ton lifting capability with notice, 10,000 sf blast area, 5,000 sf enclosed heated paint booth, 6-acre lay down area, and available 24 hour turnaround capabilities upon request.

Cornerstone Coatings has the experience and capabilities to abrasive blast and coat any size and type of industrial structure. Our team has decades of experience blasting and coating above ground water tanks, API 650 and JP8 tanks, water/waste water facilities and pipelines.In practicing one of our company values of EXCELLENCE, Cornerstone believes that every piece of work we perform should be done right the first time. With over 500 years of combined experience in the coatings industry in our management team, you are guaranteed to have a finished product that meets the highest standards in the industry. Our proven track record for success coupled with the use of cutting-edge technology, will exceed all of your coating and painting expectations.