Cornerstone U

About Cornerstone U

At Cornerstone Coatings, we invest significant resources in our employees through our Cornerstone U training program. All of our painters, fireproofers, foremen and project managers receive at least 1 hour of formal training every week throughout the year. Our instructors range from seasoned craftsmen to product experts to leadership professionals. Training topics range from painting techniques to project management to safety to effective communication.

Good for our employees

Cornerstone U is built upon our core values of Leadership, Excellence, The Platinum Rule, Teamwork, and Determination. We believe that in order to live out these values, we need to be constantly sharpening our skills, learning best practices, challenging each other, adapting to new technologies, and taking things to the next level.

With over 52 hours of formal training per year, our employees have the opportunity to reach their full potential as craftsmen, field leaders, and operations professionals. Our level of investment in our employees is unprecedented in our industry.

Good for our customers

What is good for our employees is also good for our customers. We pride ourselves on delivering the highest quality finishes and best customer experience. This is only possible by having an engaged and well-trained workforce. Over the years, our training programs have proven themselves to be successful as we are able to handle highly complex projects on schedule that others simply cannot.

Earning “Degrees”

As Cornerstone employees complete trainings, they earn and proudly wear “degree” badges on their helmets to substantiate the investment we have made in them and the investment they have made in themselves by being part of our company. The small numbers on the degree badges represent the minimum number of formal training hours that each employee has received since the inception of Cornerstone U. Each additional 52 hours of training makes an employee eligible for a higher-level degree.

Cornerstone U Training Videos