Cornerstone Coatings is in its essence a group of committed individuals all focused on a common cause – excellence! We are dedicated to hiring the finest leaders and craftsmen in the painting industry who want to be a part of something much larger than just applying another coating. Cornerstone Coatings recognizes that we are only as good as our work force, therefore we are committed to building the finest group of individuals and we will stop at nothing in building our all-star team! If you have always had a desire to be a part of something amazing, here is your chance!

Cornerstone Coatings is also committed to finding the greatest leaders in the industry who have always wanted to be a part of something much bigger than themselves. We are thankful for currently having on our staff many past business owners who for one reason or another choose to be part of a larger group. We value the past business owner who takes as much pride in working for another company as they did running their own business. We value leaders who have a “owners mindset” and see the whole picture.

Whether you are a painter who wants to surround yourself with other quality minded individuals or an industry leader looking to advance your career, Cornerstone Coatings is currently seeking people just like you! Please take some time to fill out the attached application and send it back to our office along with a resume if you have one. Thank you for your interest.


Raymond Kummer
Cornerstone Coatings