” Superior delivery based on superior education”

The Three Differentiators



Education and training through our Cornerstone University separates us from all other contractors.  Having the most advanced trained team translates to higher quality delivery of services and less headaches end to end for your projects.

Large/Complex Projects

Large/Complex Projects

Cornerstone has the ability to successfully handle projects that are large and difficult in scope that requires a high degree of specialized knowledge and experience. Our team makes difficult and challenging projects look routine and everyday.

State-of-the Art Shop

State-of-the Art Shop

State-of-the-art shop blasting & coatings facility that gives General Contractor’s a solution for meeting challenging deadlines.

Our Core Values


We work together toward a common goal while building a positive atmosphere combining individual strengths while enhancing the team performance.


We constantly seek out new areas to continually improve both the company and ourselves.


We deliver the highest quality services available in our industry and constantly raise the bar on our performance.


We show the utmost honor and value for one another through our actions.


We leverage our skills, experiences, and capabilities to provide expert insight and execution in every aspect of our business.